The Chemsex Forum

ReShape is the secretariat for the Chemsex Forum.  The secretariat has convened three forums in London, Berlin and Paris and hosts the Chemsex Forum Platform on and maintains dialogue and develops projects with other chemsex responders around the world.  Chemsex Forum particpants include people who engage in chemsex, community organisers, researchers, HIV and hepatitis clinicians, therapists, social workers, colleagues and friends.  Our purpose is to quicken, expand and improve response to chemsex across Europe and the world, as possible

The Chemsex Forum Platform

The Chemsex Forum platform is hosted on with 500+ members worldwide. It is a space for chemsex responders to communicate, network, collaborate and share work and research.  With a growing database our community coordinator is able to give more direct attention to our community and the resources they provide

If you have not done so already, please join the Chemsex online email and data sharing platform where we make regular Forum announcements. To join the Forum: Post an email to: Follow directions from there

The Chemsex Forum Postion Paper

A postition paper from organisers and particpants of the 2nd Chemsex Forum, Berlin – March 2018

This position paper responds to issues that were discussed during the Forum, in the formal participant feedback survey and subsequent discussions amongst several Forum participants. As much as possible, we have kept our colleagues’ comments intact. These are our own words…

“It is time to work together to find solutions to the chemsex crisis. We all have a duty to repair and an ethical responsibility to work towards change. We will provide our experience and passion, our knowledge, resources and cooperation. People impacted by and responding to chemsex need commitment, respect, funding and support.” particpant of the chemsex forum

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