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Since 2010 IHP has been a resource for isolated HIV clinicians and community activists in underserved regions in Europe and Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, and now in Asia

IHP launched ReShape in 2013, as a resource for organisers committed to “reshape the response to HIV, viral hepatitis and related sexual and mental health concerns” in the context of new, but very high cost, Hep C treatments, an international lag in PrEP approval, the growing chemsex crisis, and a sense, by some, that our movement was under performing

ReShape’s latest work


Building solidarity and integrated chemsex/ high fun/ PnP services in your locale/ region



This workshop will be a harmonised platform linking people working on Chemsex from different countries, regions, and backgrounds. It will highlight the strengths and learnings from existing projects. It will encourage solidarity, knowledge and experience sharing, and networking amongst participants for smarter integration in services addressing the needs and hopes of people engaging in and/or recovering from chemsex.

Chairing the Chemsex Around the World session at HRI Melbourne


Nia Dunbar and Sjef Pelsser (Mainline) chaired the “Chemsex around the world” session at the Harm Reduction International conference in Melbourne

Asia Chemsex Platform Meeting



Organised by Yasir Ali Khan and Doan Thanh Tung, this meeting took place in Melbourne and brought together lots of Asian activists and researchers both online and in person to discuss the growing crisis that is chemsex

IV Chemsex Journeys: A Global Approach  – A webinar hosted by STOP.

Virtual 2023


Chemsex Today around the world – Survey analysis


Chemsex has been a growing trend in many parts of the world over the past few decades, particularly in urban areas.

Despite its global reach and prevalence, there remains little information on chemsex.

This lack of knowledge is partly due to the stigma and taboo surrounding substance use and sex as in many cultures, substance use and sexual behaviour are highly stigmatized and criminalized, making it challenging to research chemsex.

Additionally, because of the diversity of cultures and languages around the world, it can be challenging to develop research instruments that are culturally sensitive and accessible to all individuals.

In response to this gap in knowledge, ReShape decided to conduct a study on chemsex to ensure that we have a global view of the phenomenon. The study aimed to provide a comprehensive and inclusive view of chemsex that considers the diversity of cultures and languages worldwide. The study was designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of language or cultural background.

Collaboration with civil society to provide better service to PLWH

Virtual 2023


Integrated Chemsex Support

Virtual 2022

Why do we need integrated Chemsex/High Fun/PnP support services?

Part of the Where’s the Hope? Dialogues for Solidarity Series– 2022-2023

Three online sessions – on 29 November, 6 December and 13 December 2022 at 15:00/3 pm GMT to identify chemsex support options and produce and promote a call for integrated chemsex support services appropriate for your region.

The Integrated Chemsex Support Survey

Online Survey 2022

This survey is about chemsex and chemsex support in your location

Still open*

BASHH Annual Conference

Sheffield 2022

Ben Collins & Nia Dunbar (ReShape) with Sjef Pelsser (Mainline) presenting at BASHH annual conference.

The British Association for Sexual Health & HIV celebrating 100 years 1922-2022

BEAU Article


Ben Collins was the cover story of BEAU Magazine No.2 and a guest writer

International Chemsex Symposium

ReShape participated in developing the programme and served as a discussant at the International Chemsex Symposium (ICS) in Montreal

Chemsex Forum Platform

Virtual 2022

We are so excited to announce that we have hired a community coordinator for the chemsex forum platform.  Forum members will be sent details of new updates to the library soon.  If you would like to join the platform, post an email to: follow directions from there

Talking Sex in Asia: A Co-designed Toolbox

Virtual 2022


This toolbox is co-designed with the participants of Talking Sex In Asia, Session 8 in the Asia HIV Peer Support series

Talking Sex in Asia

Virtual 2022

Our first session as part of the Asian HIV Peer Support series of 2022 in collaboration with The GreenHouse

Asian HIV Peer Support Series 2021 Report


The 2021 report of the Asian HIV Peer Support Series

35th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for AIDS Research

Virtual 2021

ReShape and Dr Hideta Nakamura’s Asian HIV Peer Support series presented U=U in Asia with leading Asian and Western U=U organisers

5th European Harm Reduction Conference

Prague 2021

ReShape, as the European Chemsex Forum’s secretariat hosted a panel on Chemsex Challenges: Slamming, Community Stigma and Human Rights

With Leon Knoops (Mainline, The Netherlands), Jasper Janssens (Free Clinic, Belgium) and Igor Medvid (HBLGBT, Ukraine)

Interesting conversations


Work we love to share



An evening with Angela Davis

Gay community stress

SHE Center

Gregorio Millett – Casualties on the road to ending HIV

Claudia Estcourt – Prevention is hard: combination prevention is key